Ecosphere Review

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem
Small Sphere EcoSphere.
This fascinating enclosed world contains 3 to 4 marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms.
Made from hand blown glass, each EcoSphere is a completely enclosed, self-sustaining little world.
EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem with Revolving Base
No maintenance aquarium, a complete miniature world
World's first totally enclosed ecosystem utilizing NASA technology
Unique gift item, perfect blend of science and art
EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Large Sphere with LED base
Includes lighted LED Base
No feeding required
No water changes required

EcoSphere Review

Over the years, I thought that having a pet meant having a dog, a cat, another furry animal, or at least something that you interact with. However, that changed once I found about EcoSphere. The first time I saw one was in a lawyer’s office, and I thought it is some sort of fish tank, I could see something swimming in there, and the next thing I did I was trying to figure out how the guy in the office was feeding it. Plus, I saw no filtering pump, and there was no way any air was getting inside. Needless to say, I was baffled and ashamed that I could not figure out what that globe was and how it worked. Eventually, I did, and once I did, I thought that the EcoSphere was one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life.

What is EcoSphere?

The EcoSphere is an entirely closed but balanced ecosystem in a glass globe. Inside every EcoSphere, there are shrimp, micro-organism, and algae. However, the cool part is that the ecosystem is perfectly balanced so that there is no need for your intervention. You do not have to put air inside, you do not have to clean it, and you do not have to feed the shrimp. How is that possible? The inside of the EcoSphere contains everything it needs to survive. It does not only survive, but it thrives. All the EcoSphere needs is a stable place to put it on, a room temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and a source of light.

Why you should buy an EcoSphere?

The obvious reason is that it looks pretty. In fact, it looks fantastic on a desk or in a lobby. It is quite impressive to look at. Plus, the sealed blown glass I beautiful, and I see it as a wonderful piece of décor. Even so, there are more reasons why you should be interested in an EcoSphere.

It looks good in any setting

As I was saying, an EcoSphere can blend in wherever you may put it. As long as there is light and the room temperature is optimal, you can place it anywhere you want. It will add some personality to the surrounding area, and I can guarantee that it will always be a conversation starter. It looks like an aquarium, but so much better. When I first saw one, I was in awe. And it is not like it has not been around for a while. If I am not mistaken, Carl Sagan talked about it, and it was 1986. I assume that some things changed since then, and today we have the new and improved EcoSphere, but still. It is not new.

It is available in multiple shapes and sizes

While I was researching the EcoSphere online, I came across various models. The idea was the same. They are all blown-glass with a small ecosystem inside. However, you can choose from the oval and the round one, and the sizes differ as well. You can get a small EcoSphere for only under $60, but you can also get the huge one which is over $200. The point is that you have where to choose from, and I think it is incredible.

There are several bases you can use

The original EcoSphere did not have support. You had to place it on something that will prevent it from rolling over. The bases were added later, and you can choose from those as well. You have the wooden base, which looks very stylish, but you can get the LED base, which in my opinion is a lot more fascinating. The way the light flickers in the water inside the globe is breathtaking. One other interesting thing that I came across to was the rotary base. You just put the EcoSphere on it, and it will spin forever and ever. You do not have to worry about the shrimp getting dizzy, and it is very lovely to look at. It is quite hypnotic, so to speak.

It is interesting for kids

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Everything can be exciting for a child, and I am sure that the EcoSphere is no different. You can get one of these and watch your child stare at it. I have seen it before with aquariums, and I have seen it with the EcoSphere as well. I like the EcoSphere, do not get me wrong, but I could not stare at it as long as a kid can. The point is that if you want to give your child a gift, especially if he or she is interested in these kinds of things, you can offer an EcoSphere and you are done. Plus, you do not have to worry about your child not feeding the fish like with an aquarium.

You do not have to worry about feeding and changing the water

When I was thinking about this aspect, the first thing that crossed my mind is that the EcoSphere is a small piece of nature on your desk. I mean everything is nature, but if you have a pet, you need to feed it, if you have a plant, you need to water it, and so on. My point is that almost every piece of nature you have surrounding you or your home needs some kind of human intervention to survive and thrive. But not the EcoSphere. It takes care of itself. That small globe can sustain itself for years, and that indeed is amazing.

The overall thought is that the EcoSphere is a small ecosystem in a globe. Think about that for a second and let it sink in. It is a piece of nature that can take care of itself. It is just like you see in the wild. The organisms inside the globe do not need you. Sure, you need to provide the right temperature and let the light in, but it is not the same as taking care of an aquarium or any other pet. It is less demanding but still impressive.

EcoSphere concerns

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One other thing that crossed my mind when I first saw the EcoSphere was how long do the organism inside can survive. Sure, they sustain each other for a while, but what if one of the shrimp die or the algae dies? What happens then? In nature, once an organism dies, it is replaced by another, so there is no imbalance whatsoever. That does not apply to the EcoSphere because you cannot replace the shrimp when it dies, and you cannot put in another alga in there. So what do you do? When you have only 3 or 4 shrimp, the death of one means a severe imbalance.

Unfortunately, the answer to that questions is that you do nothing. You cannot do anything. The glass is sealed shut, and once you break it, everything is ruined. You cannot possibly replace anything. That made me sad, to be honest, and I started to wonder if animal rights activists have nothing to say about it. And you know? It seems that they did already.

It seems that when you buy an EcoSphere, the manufacturer tells you that the ecosystem inside survives only for two or three years, whereas a shrimp can live up to 20 years. It seems that the shrimp inside actually die because of the lack of food and oxygen. It is enough for one microorganism to die, and the rest will follow. If one shrimp dies, the EcoSphere is dead soon after. That is because the decomposition process of a dead shrimp releases ammonia into the water. Even so, some scientists argue that the shrimp inside the EcoSphere survive for longer than a regular shrimp would. The waste they create and the death of other organisms turn them into some sort of super shrimp. I know how that sounds, but it is true. In some twisted kind of way, the shrimp mutate and survive for longer than they should. That is evolution for you.

Is there a moral dilemma there? It may be. I think that it depends on the person. If you feel strongly about animal rights, no matter how big or small they are, you may not like the EcoSphere as much as other people, but if not, you can go on and buy it anyway.

What is the general opinion about the EcoSphere?

The way I see it, the opinions are cut in half. On one side, you have the people who like it and are amazed by the beauty that is the EcoSphere. You cannot argue with them there because the EcoSphere is indeed beautiful to look at an impressive as an idea. On the other side, we have the animal-rights advocates who think that it is cruel to put some organisms in a globe and let them there to die. You cannot disagree with that either, but we are talking about 4 shrimp, after all.

My personal opinion on EcoSphere

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As I mentioned multiple times before, I was amazed by the EcoSphere, and I still am. It looks amazing, and mine sits on my desk since last year. It is a beautiful piece of art if you can call it that, and I am sure you will think the same too.

If I were to change one thing about the EcoSphere is that I would put a very tiny hole somewhere. Personally, I have nothing against putting 3 or 4 shrimp in a sealed glass globe, but it would put the mind of many activists at ease. That way, at least the ecosystem would be adequately oxygenated, and that would solve a lot of problems. On the other hand, it would create others such as dust particles, and let’s not forget that once you open the EcoSphere, the water will evaporate and you need to replace it. I suppose you can get some salt water from a pet shop, but it is the same hassle that people with aquariums have. I do not know how convenient that is.


Overall, the EcoSphere is a beautiful thing. I think that it is incredible how such a small ecosystem can survive inside for so long, and it is charming to look at. I am sure that if you can get past the fact that the ecosystem will die in 3 years, you can appreciate its beauty. And furthermore, everything in nature dies. Nothing lasts forever. Even fish in the tank die, and you do not hear animal activists advocating for that. The cycle of nature can be as beautiful as it is cruel. But that is life for you, and you have to accept it. The EcoSphere still remains an item that you can enjoy and admire, even if it is not forever. Click here to buy on Amazon

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